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The Spring online waiver system will be open 1/2/2019 – 2/22/2019


AES Enrollment (Evacuation/Repatriation Coverage)- Only International students submitting a waiver should purchase, if needed.  NOTE: Student ID is 8 digits without preceding 9.


University of Kentucky

International Student Waiver Requirements

2018-2019 Academic Year

UK requires all international students to have qualifying health insurance coverage. International students are automatically enrolled in the UK Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) when they register for classes.

In rare circumstances, when a student already has qualifying health insurance provided by an employer, government sponsor or exchange agency, they are eligible to provide documentation of their alternate health insurance coverage by applying for an insurance waiver. When a waiver is approved for a qualifying alternate plan, UK will cancel that student’s eligibility for the SHIP for one semester. Waivers must be completed each semester in order to cancel the SHIP charge.

Due to federal regulations, and for your protection, all alternate health insurance must comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) minimum standards for health insurance coverage

Who can apply for a health insurance waiver?

Students with health insurance coverage provided by an employer,
2.    Students with health insurance coverage provided by a government sponsor, or
3.    Exchange students with group coverage provided by the organization coordinating their exchange

Which waiver applications are approved?

Approved waiver applications must meet all four of the following:

1.   Be received by the posted deadline,
2.   Include all requested insurance documents,
3.   Provide documentation of medical evacuation and repatriation benefits*, and
4.   Show evidence of unlimited coverage for all “essential benefits” outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards.

*Medical evacuation and repatriation coverage may be purchased separately if needed.

Which waiver applications are denied?

Waiver applications will be denied if:

1.   Application/documentation is incomplete or late,
2.   Coverage is provided through a Travel Insurance plan,
3.   Plan is missing any element of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards, or
4.   Coverage will not be active for the entire semester.

Deadline for Spring Waiver Applications: February 22, 2019

ATTENTION ESL STUDENTS: English as a Second Language (ESL) students have different insurance enrollment and waiver processes. Please email for assistance.

Click Here to Submit Your Waiver Request If You Meet The Above Criteria, And Have Your Scanned Documents Available.