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Installment Plan Option

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All Dependent documentation must be submitted here for verification.

Important Information About Dependent Enrollment

Dependents you list to be enrolled in the Medical Insurance Plan must be eligible for coverage and their eligibility for coverage will be verified.  The Plan will audit all dependents and you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the documents needed to verify your dependent(s) eligibility.    By continuing with dependent enrollment you confirm that you have read the eligibility requirements for dependents, that your dependent(s) is(are) eligible for coverage, and that you will submit the required documentation to verify your dependent(s) eligibility once requested. The eligibility requirements may be found in the UK Plan Document on the Benefits page of this website. Please click here for required documentation.

Visiting Scholar Enrollment


The Spring 19-20 waiver deadline ended February 22, 2020. The online waiver system can no longer accept new waiver requests.